Where I Was

My highest weight was right before I had kiddo #3. I was 290. For the life of me I can not find a photo of me around that time, but do have this one. I was 2 months pregnant and at least 275-280. I gained most of the weight in the beginning and then slowed down by the second trimester.


February 2015 I had a ‘point of no return’ moment. After 3 c-sections, my abs disappeared. Bye-bye. Out the window. I was laying on my back on the chiropractor adjustment table a year postpartum and could not sit up without help. When I was 9 months pregnant with #2 I could sit up on my own. I may have been morbidly overweight, but as long as I felt strong, I pretended I was ok with it. Once I could not sit up, I knew I had to do something. I was 270 something.

Feb 2015 copy

I found a stretchy tank top to use as my goal shirt. It’s a large. I hung it in our room so I could see it every morning to remind myself of what I wanted to be able to wear. I was doing great and then got pregnant in July. I was struggling with migraines and low blood pressure. I was feeling dizzy in Zumba when I jumped or spun around. Add in morning sickness and I was done working out in no time. Since I had light sensitivity as well, I did not even try walking outside. I went from 245 to 280 by March 2016. It took me a year to get back into the game, but by March 2017 I was at 247. It was much easier to get back into the swing of working out this time around; however, I still am working from ground level on my abs after my 4th c-sesction. I died trying to do a 10 second plank.

March 2017

Look around the blog to take a peek where I went from here or pop over here to see where I am now.


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