Progress Pictures

Since I’m about to embark onto the 13 week challenge, I got pictures of the DDPYoga poses. There is a 2 month difference between photos. I can’t wait to see what comes from another 2 months!




13 week Challenges

Challenge 1: 13 weeks of regular DDPYoga! I’ve been really hit or miss with doing this. It’s not my favorite workout, I prefer fast passed Zumba; however, it is great for my body. I start it this Monday and will do it 3 days a week.

Challenge 2: I am staring a keto diet. Well, started. I’ve been doing it for a week already and doing great. I’m doing great at tracking and enjoying the high fat part of it! lol This WOE (way of eating) is more strict than I am doing currently, but I also get some fatty yummy things I like indulging in anyway.

June 3rd I was 242. We went to a wedding that night and then took off for a fabulous Omaha Zoo trip. We made smart food choices by packing our own lunches and choosing good things for supper. I weighed in today at 238.2! 3.8 pounds in a week! I’ve never seen that on on this go around of weight loss. Probably only saw similar when loosing water weight previously too.

The Little Things

Another non scale victory happened today. My son said he could beat me to the car. We were only 15 feet away, so I said, “Nah-ah” and raced forward. I beat him, but just barely. He is 6 and learning to love to run. By the time I am in shape and can really run, he will likely be practiced enough to be able to beat me anyway. It might have been a first and possibly my last win, but I sure had a blast and will keep on giving him a run for his money!

Double Up Day

Yesterday I made my first 6am zumba class. Then I went to an afternoon class. I have not felt this sore since I first started working out 2 years ago. What is really killing me today is my hands including fingers, and triceps. My forearm is feeling it a bit too, but is ignorable.

I’m hoping F sleeps well tonight and I can make it tomorrow morning.

Planking For The Win

I managed a 50 second plank tonight (straight arms, not elbow). I really think I could have made it to a whole minute, but got interrupted by kiddos talking over each other to get my attention and I could not keep focused. Next step will be making sure I am holding the correct position the entire time to receive the max benefits. I’ve learned from my Zumba classes that even moving your arms a few cm can totally change how your arms benefit.

Just to make it official, my goal is to eventually make it to a 5 minute elbow plank. Do I dare say I want to make it by the end of the summer? Is 110 days possible? That is adding 2.3 seconds a day. Does not sound terrible; though I find my arms are a thousand times easier than elbow. I guess it will be an adventure!

The Scale

I have been working out 2-3x a week. I have been sticking with my diet, though not keep track. Since I am watching what I eat for migraine reasons, I’m not worried about what foods I’m eating, but as my husband pointed out, I might be back to not eating enough.
My weight has not been going down. I assumed that meant that I was losing inches. I measured myself the other day and I gained inches in fatty places where muscle would not be a factor. I guess I just measured wrong previously. I really tried to be so careful! To counter this assessment, my husband said I needed to think about what time of day I measured, was I dehydrated, was I bloated, and have I pooped recently. To be honest, I can’t be completely sure. I’m making sure I get my liquids in and measuring this afternoon. I know I measured in the afternoon the first time and at night the second time. Maybe I’ll get a surprise later.
My husband has lost 50 pounds in 2017. At that time I had lost 16 pounds. Why does my work count for so much less! This morning I was going to go to an early morning Zumba, but little baby boy was up hourly last night. Husband gets up at 5:30 and does morning shift with the kiddos and let me sleep until 7:30 or 8. (it’s the only way I would ever get any sleep!) There was no way I was going to get myself to go to Zumba when I was finally going to be able to get some sleep! When I did get up this morning, I was feeling pretty down. If our trends continue, my husband is going to be smaller than me by this fall when we take our family photos. Selfishly, I do not want our first professional family photo to showcase this and was thinking about canceling. Yeah, canceling 4 months ahead of time over the amount of weight my husband may or may not loose before me. I’m tired so I have a crappy attitude.
Then I stepped on the scale. 244.3. When I was doing an amazing job at loosing weight, right before accidentally getting pregnant with baby boy #4, I was 245 even. I’m only 4.3 pounds away from my pre kid weight! This puts me at over 20 pounds lost this year. Not an amazing 50, but a number I can be proud about. My mood lightened a bit. Then I realized all my other non-scale victories for the past month. I’m getting stronger and healthier. Little things like squatting to pick up toys, takes no effort in getting back up. In fact, I try to have good form and get my butt as close to the ground as possible in order to take advantage all those little moments in the day. If I don’t squat, I fold in half to stretch my legs and spine. I have a few other non-scale victories I have accomplished this past month.
(1) After working out (when I’m all stretched out) I can fold over and put my middle knuckles on the ground.
(2) We have a hard arm song in zumba and I moved from needing to shake my arms out a handful of times during it, to now never shaking them out and sticking pretty close to “perfect” form to get the max benefits. My hands are even sore the next day!
(3) We do a few different yoga mat songs where we focus on abs and hip flexors. Like the arm song, I use to spend most of the song “shaking” my muscles out to try and keep going. I’m not nearly as advanced as the arms, but I am lasting longer, and my form is notably improving. Still so far from perfect, it is laughable, but I’m on my way. Last night we did leg lifts. I start with them up and have only been able to lower them slightly before it was my back muscles doing the work and not my abs. Last night I was able to lower them around half way down and once just 6″ off the floor!
(4) I’m at a 20 sec alligator plank and a 30sec regular plank. I was doing it on a wood floor with no mat, so I think I can actually increase it! I’m going to be at a full minute in no time!
 The point of this post is to remind myself that ultimately the scale does not show me what I am capable of doing. It does not how strong I am, it does not tell me that I am not inflaming my body with processed foods, and it does not tell me my worth as a wife and mother. My progress on the scale is slow, but it is happening. My progress in life is off the charts amazing!

Non Scale Victories

I touched my toes today. I thought it was a fluke so I had to bend down to try again. Sure enough, I did!

I drank over 100oz of water!
{side note: I’m terrible at logging my food. I’m taking it mini step at a time. This week I’m going to log all my water consumption. It will hopefully help me to consume more. Some day I drink lots and other days not so much. Right now since I avoid most all “bad” food because of the elimination diet to prevent migraines, I am not struggling on that aspect. By the time I am consistent with my water logging (hahaha), I’ll be ready to start my food to prepare me to continue that journey.}

I can do two 20 second planks during the DDPY fat burning 2.0 video. A few weeks ago I could only do 10 second plank followed by a 5 second plank.

Plus a small scale victory. After 4 weeks of bouncing around between 4 pounds, I finally dropped below it and have matched my lowest point of 2017. Lets hope it continues down next week!